Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Crossing Over - A Poem written by Jeronimo

At the beginning of a life up in this world/
God places a cross on the back of every man and woman, every boy and girl/
This cross is as heavy as the tears of a black slave/
And longer then the route of the atlantic slave trade/
Now each man must carry this burden for the length of there life /
No matter how good or bad now matter how mean or nice/
Now at the same time the devil gives each man a brand new saw made of steel / 
And says precious man this is yours do wut u will/
Now threw out mans existence on this earth/
the distraction of life intervenes and some forget its worth/Everytime there's a loss/
They pick up the saw and chop down at the cross/
Every time there's hardships and turmoil filled wit worry/
They cut away that cross that's hard to carry/
Until its just right and they can carry wit ease/
Some even more as small as they please/
The devils saw stays in use enormously/
Some where it to it dull and have to recoop on a warranty/
Then when man life ends and he has come to the crossroads/
There is a canyon both wide and low/It as deep as the tears of a black slave/
And as long as the atlantic slave trade/And the only way to get across /Is to use the cross/
A perfect bridge to get to the heaven on the other side/
But most fall short becuz of the perils of there lives/
And never get over/
But those who stood strong will bask in the glory of jehovah/
And those who couldn't bare the cross/Is filled with despair and lost/
It is the ultimate law/
So before u judge others look at yo self and ask are u using the devils saw/

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